Family Gets Unexpected News After Turning To Psychic To Locate Missing Mom


The body of a missing mother of two was reportedly found after her husband’s family turned to a psychic for help.

Mariola “Mika” Cudworth’s body was reportedly found on May 11th after the family of her husband Jonathon reached out to psychic Aly Austin. Mariola’s husband of two years was a suspect in her disappearance and has since been charged with her murder.

According to Daily Mirror, the family had grown tired of what they felt was the local police department’s lack of action, so they turned to Austin in an effort to take matters into their own hands.

“After feeling let down by Kent Police, the family of Jonathon Cudworth and myself (and some guidance from other realms) took it upon ourselves to attempt to find her,” Austin wrote on Facebook. “That attempt was successful at 8.30 p.m. last night. Mika can now be laid to rest.”

Mariola reportedly vanished from her home on April 29th.

Despite claims that Austin helped Jonathon’s family find the body, police maintain they found the body.

“When police were notified of Mika’s disappearance a full investigation was launched,” a Kent police representative said in a statement. “A thorough search using the police helicopter, Kent Search and Rescue, police dogs and specially trained officers was conducted. In addition to this a high profile media campaign was launched in an effort to locate Mrs. Cudworth. Acting on information received officers attended a field in Eastry on Monday (May 11) evening and a body was located. Officers have liaised with Mika’s family in Poland and informed them of the discovery.”

“We haven’t employed the service of a medium,” the representative added.

Jonathon’s family says claims from police simply aren’t true.

“All I can say is I assure you they didn’t find the body,” Jonathon’s sister Natalie said. “I’m sorry I can’t say more on this.”

The psychic who claims to have helped locate the body said she has grown close to the Cudworth family during this difficult time.

“It has been emotional. Just glad my radar wasn’t totally off,” Austin said. “This started off as work… and ended with an incredible bond. Just grateful I could help a little at such a horrendous time.”

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