Family Dog Given PLASTIC SURGERY To Look More Like Dog From ‘THE MASK’

A family has been slammed relentlessly by critics after subjecting their dog to plastic surgery so it would look like the dog from The Mask.

The disgusting family felt the need to alter their dog’s appearance in the most irresponsible of ways by paying for their Jack Russell to have plastic surgery, The Mirror reports.

Marina Esmat bought the little Jack Russell Terrier for her son, but was somehow surprised when its ears started to grow upwards instead of flat.


Disturbingly, the family allegedly watched Jim Carrey’s 90s cult classic The Mask and decided ‘Milo’, the pooch in the film, had the perfect ears they desired for their pet.

Horrifyingly, the 37-year-old mum then took their family dog to the vets, to have its ears painfully lowered to resemble the pup in the film.

Even more worryingly, it seems their decision to have surgery was for purely selfish reasons.

She told Russian publication

“I would like the dog to have pups, but with the ears, we could not find a suitable mate. We also want to participate in competitions. And now everything is fine.”

So not only did they put the dog through a torturous operation and uncomfortable recovery time, they did it so he could compete for them.

Surgeon Andrey Mezin told Life.Ru:

“The owners appealed to the clinic with a request to lower the dog’s ears. We do not believe it is an appropriate operation but they insisted. Surgery was performed, in which the cartilage was damaged, resulting in standing ears now lying flat. The owner strongly insisted, because she wanted to ‘show’ the dog. The dog is absolutely fine.”

People were quick to slate their family for their poor choices.

One exclaimed:

Torturers, for their own benefit are bullying the dog.

And another commented:

This is so cruel.

Fortunately the poor dog will be okay after such a ridiculous and unnecessary procedure. Our pets may not be able to speak to us in a language we can understand but it is cruel and downright disgusting to subject an animal to such abuse.

E. Goldstein

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