Families Post Pictures of Children Missing From Manchester Concert

After the terror bombing in Manchester last night, parents whose children went to the concert are posting their pictures in hopes of finding them, hopefully safe and sound.  The unofficial tally stands at 22 dead and 119 injured and who knows how many more they might find.  We also don’t know how many of the dead have been identified and their families notified, not to mention the injured.  As a parent, I can just imagine what they are going through.  As callous as it may sound, it might be better to know up front that your child was killed than to wait days for the same news.

 An explosion occurred at 22.35pm on Monday evening as fans began to leave their seats following a concert by Ariana Grande. Police believe that the assailant, a lone male, died in the blast having detonated an improvised device.

Following the attack, stories of astonishing compassion and courage have been circulating. Reports telling of Manchester residents’ willingness to provide food, shelter and any assistance they can in the wake of the devastation have been as notable in their number as they in their heartening nature.

Chief Constable Ian Hopkins described the attack as “the most horrific incident” that Greater Manchester has ever witnessed. He advises that the “fast-moving investigation” being conducted by police was attempting to ascertain whether the attacker was “acting alone or as part of a network”.

In the wake of the incident, relatives have been using social media sites to attempt to establish a connection with family members that might have been caught up in the blast. An emergency number: 0161 856 9400 has been set up to assist those affected.

Photographs of many young people are being shared on social media by concerned family members and friends who have not been able to make contact since the explosion took place last night.


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