False Flag? Another ‘Suspicious Package’ Delivered To Top Dem But One Twitter User Notices Something Off

Over the last couple days, threats of violence have been showing up on the doorstep of leftists such as Hillary Clinton and George Soros. Now many people in the country think that these are a ruse to paint Conservatives light and for good reason. Since Trump has been elected our country has rebounded economically, our nation is safer, and jobs are on the rise. Of course, the left cannot abide by this good fortune and must create any sort of drama to cast negativity on Trump and the conservative movement. 

So, when these “suspicious” packages started to appear people began to question.

Now, one observant Twitter user pointed out something interesting on one of these packages…





Another suspicious package was sent – this time, to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the embattled former Democratic National Committee chairperson who worked to get Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination for president over socialist Bernie Sanders.

This news comes shortly after suspicious packages were addressed to Hillary Clinton, George Soros, the CNN headquarters, and former President Barack Obama. CNN, of course, had time to announce someone sent them a suspicious package before being forced to evacuate the New York Time Warner center.

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both condemned the attempted bombings, with Pence saying these “despicable” acts have “no place in our country” and Trump adding that he agreed “wholeheartedly.”

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