• July 15, 2024

FALL OF AMERICA: Miami Beach Descends Into Chaos and Terror at Spring Break Weekend

 FALL OF AMERICA: Miami Beach Descends Into Chaos and Terror at Spring Break Weekend

It is officially Spring Break and where in the past that would mean fun and parties for college students and young people across the country this time it is much more sinister.

People in the party spot of Miami Beach are witnessing firsthand how out of control this generation is with her disgusting antics on full display. Instead of young people simply partying and enjoying a little fun in the sun, the popular destination spot has descended into chaos and violence.

Stunning videos captured have been going viral on social media depicting the mayhem on the streets of Miami Beach.

Twitter user @MisterCommodity posted videos showing the insanity that is taking place where mobs of young people are openly fighting in public places.

Public officials are now forced to admit that the violence is completely out of control, and this type of situation is unprecedented.

“One operator on Ocean Drive told me that he thought it was the worst situation he’s seen in 30 years,” said Miami Beach Commissioner David Richardson.

“Yes, he’s right. It’s been the most difficult environment that I’ve had to deal with in 30 years,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements.

“It seems to me that Ocean Drive has become an open-air bar,” said Richardson.

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) revolution against law and order is turning America into a third-world country and empowering the scummiest and lowest aspects of society.

Big League Politics has reported on how BLM’s rise stopped a long period of reduction in crime throughout the country with the murder rate spiking in a manner unforeseen by researchers:

A report from the National Commission of COVID-19 and Criminal Justice (NCCCJ) has found that murder rates in the US increased by historic levels from 2019 to 2020.

The year 2020 saw 1,200 more killings than 2019 in a sample of 34 American cities. Homicide rates also increased by 30 percent, and according to the report they were higher “during every month of 2020 relative to rates from the previous year.” The report called the 30 percent increase “troubling” and claims it has “no modern precedent.”

In addition to a rise in homicides, other forms of crime that also rose were auto thefts and both aggravated and gun assaults…

2020 was the year of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as political and racial unrest, so the report naturally analyzed the effects of those events on the crime rates. The analysts believe that the relaxing of COVID restrictions, along with “the strain on at-risk individuals and key institutions,” likely contributed to 2020’s spike in homicide rates.

The report also noted that an increase in murders occurred throughout the summer, following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent violent riots that broke out in nearly every major city across the country.”

The engineered globalist transformation of America is at hand, and the alarmists against this agenda are being majorly vindicated.

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