• July 19, 2024

Explorer Examines Abandoned Funeral Home…Makes Grisly Discovery [VIDEO]

 Explorer Examines Abandoned Funeral Home…Makes Grisly Discovery [VIDEO]

A man decided to explore an abandoned funeral home and to take pictures from a decidedly creepy place.  He made his way from room to room finding exactly what you would expect to find including caskets, which he checked nervously but found them to be empty.  He finally found himself in a storage room where excess coffins appeared to be stored for future use.  But when he looked inside those caskets, the hair stood up on the back of his neck.  The coffins were occupied and the remains were reduced to nothing but skeletons.

 While rooting through the creepy contents of an old, abandoned funeral home called Memorial Mound, user R. Willy happened upon several caskets. When he opened them up, he nearly passed out…

In a video that has since been (mysteriously) taken down, a YouTube urban explorer decided to investigate an old, abandoned funeral home in Bessemer, Alabama. The facility, called Memorial Mounds, was mostly empty… with a few notable exceptions.

As the man made his way through the corridors of the old mortuary, he noted that it was full of debris and various uninteresting objects. Nonetheless, he continued his exploration, nervously going through each and every room.

That’s when he came upon a room that was filled with old coffins. Given that it was a funeral home, this wasn’t exactly a surprise to him. What was horrifyingly odd, though, was what he uncovered next…

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