“Expert” Demands “FAT TAX” On Millions

As if Americans are not taxed enough under our so-called representatives in Washington in addition to those imposed by state and local leaders, now a self-important weight loss expert has suggested yet another tax. Steve Miller, a former British TV host says that clothing manufacturers and retailers should impose a “fat tax” on overweight people’s clothes, warning that society has made obesity “normal.”


So why is Miller such an expert on the subject? It seems he used to be a tubby himself, but managed to lose more than 50 pounds and proudly proclaims he is now a healthy weight. In fact he is such an expert on the subject that he has turned himself into a motivational weight loss speaker. Of course his only credentials is the fact that he lost 50 lbs. Hell, I lost 70 pounds so I must be a frigging genius on the subject.

Miller says it is time clothing retailers and the government, step up and do their part in tackling the obesity crisis in the country. A crisis that according to real experts, is expected to get worse in future decades. Currently it is estimated that 25% of people are obese, while by 2030 that number will increase to 33%.

The opinionated little runt says: “If you want an item that is a size 20 or more, you should pay more,” according to a report in The Sun. “Call it a ‘fat tax’ or a ‘premium,’ it doesn’t matter. There’s no excuse for a woman to be a size 20.”

Miller said, “Motivating people to lose weight is not about being nice all the time. You’ve got to be firm. It’s the same with airplane seats—you should have to pay more if you’re taking up more space.”

But adding insult to injury, Miller added that in addition to the “fat tax,” he suggested clothing shops could give customers of a size 20 and upwards “weight management advice along with their purchases. People who are buying an 18 or 20 or more could be given free advice, maybe a flyer to take away or put in their bag as they go through the checkout,” he added.

Millers comments came after a government obesity adviser, Carol Black, said shops are “fooling” buyers into believing they are thinner than they actually are. Ms. Black also said that being “overweight” has become “the new normal” and political correctness forced health staff to keep silent rather than address the problem.

The loony Liberal urged people to consider obesity as socially unacceptable as smoking and urged the government to regulate sugary foods. Meanwhile, The self-proclaimed expert, Miller, said if the government adviser’s remarks are true, there’s an “ethical responsibility” to ensure obesity crisis is tackled.

R.L. Grimes

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