• March 4, 2024

Ex-Muslim Explains To Leftists Why Islam is Evil [VIDEO]

 Ex-Muslim Explains To Leftists Why Islam is Evil [VIDEO]

You have to wonder why the left is so enamored with Muslims and Islam.  I mean Muslims hate gays, turns women into sex slaves and treats them like 4th class citizens behind men, camels and goats.  But maybe it’s not so hard to understand at all.  Islam is in direct conflict with Islam.  Leftists think that Christianity is the most harmful thing in the world and maybe it is.  To the liberal world that is.  Liberals celebrate killing babies, promote homosexuality and bearing false witness.  The Bible repudiates that behavior.

 In Sweden, misogynist Muslim perverts commit rape with near impunity, only to have the ruling feminocracy turn a tolerant blind eye to their crimes against women. Leftist Islamophiles will then turn against the poor rape victims, who are almost always white native Swedes.

Weren’t feminists supposed to be against male domination and oppression? Or are they only against the so-called white patriarchy, a social condition enshrined in traditional Christianity?

In Sweden, and in Germany, and in many other EU countries, male domination and oppression have come home to roost with a vengeance in the form of man-centric Islam — and the women in these countries embrace it. Maybe subconsciously they want to be raped.

It takes an ex-Muslim Canadian protesting against Sharia and uncontrolled Muslim immigration to Canada to set the record straight.

Islam, according to this Western convert, is not a religion of peace, or tolerance, or justice. At the core of Islam is violence. A special fate awaits all non-believers.

You don’t believe him?

“Read the Quran,” the young man advises his curious onlookers. He then goes on to point out the various methods of Muslim immigrant exploitation of host countries.

“You have nothing. The first couple of years, you try to get money from the government,” he says.

But the illusion that Muslims are “just like us” still persists among liberal Westerners, he adds.

“Canadian people — they’re just too nice. They think, oh, it’s OK, it’s OK. Not all Muslims are bad.”

Once again, he urges, “Read the Quran.”

H/T US Herald


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