EVIL George Soros Replacement Has Been REVEALED!

George Soros, the billionaire investor, and upfront so-called philanthropist is accused of orchestrating and funding far-left and terrorist organizations around the world – the devil’s journey is about to end – but his demonic works continue and now he is passing it down to the next generation.

Recent reports confirm that George Soros will likely pass the reins of his Open Society Foundation over to others – and he’s just as dangerous as his predecessor.

Well, of course, you’re wondering who’s the next in line to its throne, one person has stood out above the rest: Hansjörg Wyss.

This man has been slowly been gaining influence over the years but has somehow been able to stay below the radar, unlike Soros.

And The New York Times confirms it in their report that Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss, 85, “has quietly become one of the most important donors to left-leaning advocacy groups.”

Just like most left-wing financiers, he covers his tracks by funneling money through various other organizations.

The outlet added that Wyss’ “political activism is channeled through a daisy chain of opaque organizations that mask the ultimate recipients of his money.”

Far-left causes and groups are unbelievably well-funded and well-organized, even if their ideas are insane and completely counterintuitive.

More from Trending Right-Wing reports:

The activists, who are usually unemployed college graduates with a useless degree and no marketable skills, are somehow able to travel across the country to engage in protests and riots, and always seem to get bailed out of jail. How does this happen?

The answer is clear: The funding comes from left-wing financiers like George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Hansjörg Wyss. “Wyss has quietly become one of the most important donors to left-leaning advocacy groups and an increasingly influential force among Democrats,” says the New York Times. They are surprisingly telling the truth.

Newly obtained tax filings have revealed that two of Wyss’ organizations donated $208 million from 2016 to 2020 to left-wing causes. As per usual for Democrats, the funding was disguised by being funneled through three nonprofit funds which were in charge of doling out the money to several far-left activist groups.

Wyss doesn’t just donate to activist groups. According to the New York Times, he had a hand in helping “Democrats in their efforts to win the White House and control of Congress last year.” After helping the left win, Wyss has placed several operatives within the Biden administration. According to the New York Times, officials from his organizations worked on the Biden transition team, and some have even joined the administration. This isn’t really surprising, as the Democrat Party has become the party of the elites.

According to reporting by Deep State Rabbit Hole, Wyss’ connections run even deeper than just Biden:

Wyss also has some creepy connections to the Clintons. Wyss money goes to “groups that seek to influence the political debate in a manner that aligns with Democrats and their agenda, including the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank where Mr. Wyss sits on the board.” The really spooky part is that “The organization was started by John D. Podesta, a top White House aide to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.” Podesta was also on the Wyss Foundation payroll as “an adviser.”

The far-left financier also donated millions of dollars to groups that “sought to block Mr. Trump’s nominees, prove he colluded with Russia and push for his impeachment,” says the New York Times.

Working behind the scenes to push their radical agenda, George Soros and Hansjörg Wyss is a threat to the true values of America.

They manipulate left-wing activists and mentally ill people looking for a cause, but they don’t care about them. They just want more power.

Wyss has been able to stay off the radar for a long time, while Soros has been a regular topic of conversation among conservatives, but that is all about to change.

The question is: how long can the left get away with portraying themselves as a grassroots “for-the-people” movement when they are clearly being bankrolled by radical power-hungry elites whose motives are hidden from the public?

Sources: Trendingrightwing, Deep State Rabbit Hole, The New York Times


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