Engagement Announcements With Unfortunate Names [PHOTOS]

One of the happiest moments in a young couple’s life is when they get to see their engagement announcement in the local papers.  That thrill can be somewhat diminished if they have an unfortunate combination of names.  But you have to admit they are good for a laugh.

 It takes a lot to make a marriage work—and among the many obstacles that can sometimes stand in the way of love, some couples have to battle incompatible names from the get go.

Newspaper clippings reveal some of the most awkward pairings to have ever appeared in wedding and engagement announcements, often making for some very rude headlines.

As seen in the archives, Mrs. Moore once tied the knot with Mr. Bacon during a ceremony in North Carolina, while Mrs. Stolen married Mr. Ford.

These pairings, however, almost pale in comparison next to the ‘Golden-Showers’ and ‘Busch-Graber’ of the world.

Unfortunate: Some couples have been blessed with incompatible names, such as Ms. Showers, who married Mr. Golden during a ceremony in Southampton, Pennsylvania

Humble brag: Put together, the names of Ms. Lay and Mr. Best sound like someone is giving themselves high praise about their intimate prowess

So what did they serve as refreshments? Hopefully, Ms. Crapp and Mr. Beer didn't offer their guests a nice pale ale to toast their union

Uh oh: Some of the name pairings sound downright rude or cheeky, such as 'Filler-Quick'

The key to a happy marriage? Ms. Moore and Mr. Bacon's names echo what many have undoubtedly thought during Sunday brunch

That just sounds painful: Ms Dick proudly announced her engagement to fiance Mr. Bender

Not letting it stand in their way: Ms. Butt and Mr. Peeper became husband and wife in 2010

Hopefully not a prediction: This couple's name pairing doesn't bode well for their future car

Well, that's a handy skill: Ms. Speedy and Mr. Zieper proudly announced their marriage

Words to live by? One couple's names will forever say 'Partee-Moore' when written together

Shave her how? Mr. Shaver became Ms. Nicely's husband during a religious ceremony

Odd pairings: One couple announced their engagement as the 'Moore-Dummer'Oops: Another couple had to go with 'Kuntz-Dick'

Position: Mr. Fillerup married Ms. Standing during a 2007 ceremony announced in the paper

Grab them by the...: Ms. Busch became engaged to Mr. Graber as told in this clipping

The great capture: One couple's romantic engagement announcement was made to look slightly odd due to their two names put together

That sounds painful: The Burns-Butts announced their engagement with a black and white shot

Maybe see a dermatologist? Ms. Busch and Mr. Rash tied the knot during a religious service

So which is it? One couple ended up with the Cockman-Dickman pairingOh no: Another pair became the Beaver-Wetter couple in their announcement

Aching? Ms. Beaver and Mr. Aiken appeared over the moon to announce their engagement

Hardy har har: One couple's name pairing even had a hint of sarcastic laughter in it

Or maybe don't: In one announcement, Ms. Drinkwine posed next to her groom Mr. Layer

Lovely: Ms. Peters' name combined with that of her husband sounded slightly rude

The power of punctuation: This couple had an extremely important comma in their headline

Details: Ms. Whyde and Mr. Hole's names sounded particularly descriptive in the newspaper

Call the doctor! Ms. Burns and Mr. Toole's announcement made it sound like a medical emergency might be underway

Funky! Mr. Funk and Ms. Kee got married on Oklahoma City - but didn't specify which type of music they treated their guests to

Innuendo: One couple ran in the newspaper as the 'Seeman-Sample' pairBodily fluids: Another became the 'Flem-Greene' duo

Duo: Ms. Wang and Mr. Holder looked extremely happy to announce their engagement

Congratulations, though: Mr. and Mrs. Dig Coffin proudly celebrated 50 years of marriage

Wishing them the best: Mr. Looney and Ms. Warde tied the knot 12 years ago in Salem, Oregon

Announcement: One couple shared the news of their engagement with a romantic photonother became the 'Flem-Greene' du

Meet the...: Mr. Flynt and Ms. Stone called to mind another famous and fictional family

And best wishes: Mr. and Mrs. Agoney also celebrated 50 years of marriage, but their announcement's headlines made it sound like it wasn't all that fun

Going for it: Ms. Gross and Mr. Pantti didn't let their odd name pairing stop them from announcing their engagement in the newspaper and shared a sweet photo of themselves


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