Embarrassed Man Tries To Break Internet, Before VIDEO Goes Viral

In this day and age, we all know that anything embarrassing we do in public runs the risk of being photographed and uploaded online for the world to see. To save himself from this unbearable embarrassment, one man did the only thing he could. He destroyed the internet.

On August 19th, police in Weifang, Shandong Province arrested a middle-aged man surnamed Liu for breaking into four China Telecom service boxes and tearing their insides apart.

Liu confessed to police that he was trying to make sure that some particularly incriminating photos never made their way onto Chinese social media, NetEase reports. He told them that back in June, he had stopped by a community square and taken part in some public dancing with the aunties there. Liu was new to Weifang and thought that busting a few moves would be fun. However, he soon realized that people on the sidelines were laughing at him and snapping pictures.

Liu hurried away in shame. A few weeks later, he decided that he must do what had to be done to keep himself from being the object of global ridicule.

break_the _internet.jpg

Soon, China Telecom began receiving reports that internet service was down in the area, and found four service boxes had been torn apart in the neighborhood. Police checked the surveillance tape and noticed a man resembling Liu hanging around the scene of the crime after midnight. After further investigation, Liu was arrested and charged. The damage he inflicted on the internet is estimated to be around 100,000 yuan.

So far, no pics of Liu dancing have gone viral on Chinese social media, so it seems that he has managed to save himself from embarrassment.

Of course, Liu should never be ashamed to bust a move. Just dance.

[Images via NetEase]

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