• June 12, 2024

Police Discover Elderly Man Eaten Alive With Only 30% Of His Body Remaining

 Police Discover Elderly Man Eaten Alive With Only 30% Of His Body Remaining

A Jacksonville man was allegedly eaten alive by his neighbor’s dogs.

WFTV reports that 83-year-old Michael Downing was killed in a dog attack. Downing’s neighbor, Lephus Felton, owns two dogs who allegedly tore a hole in the fence separating Downing’s and Felton’s yards and proceeded to rip Downing to pieces.

“By far it’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” said a neighbor. “There was only 30 percent left of his body probably.”

According to witnesses, the dogs may have dragged Downing back underneath the fence into Felton’s yard where they tore him up and ate him.

Felton had previously been reported for animal abuse, for allegedly keeping the dogs malnourished, locked in filthy cages, and punching them with a closed fist. But when police arrived, they found the dogs to be clean and in good health, so they didn’t initially pursue further courses of action against Felton. It is unclear whether Felton will face any charges.

“I knew it was coming, I knew someone was going to die,” said another neighbor, Mark Jones.

A Twitter post of the incident by WFTV cites Jones as saying “I haven’t had much sleep since we saw it,” referring to the grisly scene of Downing’s dismemberment.

Downing worked at the Tax Collector’s Office for 30 years, and retired in his late 70s. He had suffered a stroke but was otherwise active and sharp. His remains will be cremated and scattered in the ocean.

Source: America Now

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