During Their Retreat ISIS Floods Towns and Rivers With Crude Oil…. EPA Silent.

Retreating ISIS fighters flooded the streets of Qayyarah, Iraq with crude oil as they fled the town.
Abna24 reported, via Religion of Peace:

Digesting defeat is not just difficult but it is the toughest. After the government declared that Qayyarah was completely liberated as the ISIS here has been fully defeated by the joint efforts of Iraqi Army, those ISIS members who are still scattered in the province are trying their best disrupt this hard earned normalcy of Qayyarah.

A Nineveh political activist, Rayan Hudaidi, said, “The small number of militants are attempting to disrupt the hard earned normalcy of the city. Frustrated due to defeat, they opened oil pipes and this had flooded the city with crude oil, which now is a threat as this can be easily set on fire, which in turn will cause severe damage.”

It may be mentioned here that ISIS previously opened oil pipes into the Tigris River in the same area before they lost Qayyarah. The released oil caused serious damage to the environment and the river was heavily polluted.

isis crude oil spill

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