Dumb as Dirt Protesters Destroy Statue of Civil War Hero Who Died Fighting Slavery

I think we can agree, at this point, that the roving groups of protesters who have taken on the calling of volunteer statue removal may not know a whole lot about what they’re toppling.

Fresh off a weekend in which a crowd at Golden Gate Park tore down the statues of Ulysses S. Grant, Francis Scott Key and Saint Junipero Serra, the leftists of Madison, Wisconsin, decided that needed to be topped.

Thus, in the midst of a rampage on Tuesday, they tore down the statue of an abolitionist who fought and died for the Union during the Civil War, beheaded it and threw the rest of it in a lake.

I’m impressed. That’s a “hold my beer” moment if I’ve ever seen one. Madison is usually known as a breeding ground for left-wing foment, but even by the impressive standards they’ve set over the years, Tuesday will be a high-/low-water mark for protesters in the future to match.

Here’s the radically nonjudgmental, if perfectly informative, first sentence of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s reporting of the incident: “Fury exploded outside the Wisconsin State Capitol on Tuesday night as protesters smashed windows at the statehouse, attacked a state senator, and tore down two iconic statues — including one of an abolitionist who died trying to end slavery during the Civil War.”

Fury exploded! It just happened on its own, everyone.

There were just a bunch of people chilling outside the state capitol, sipping their lattes, socially distancing in an appropriate manner. Then, without warning, bam: Fury just exploded everywhere. Everyone was immolated and, next thing you know, a state senator’s allegedly been assaulted and the statue of abolitionist Union Army Colonel Hans Christian Heg is floating headless in a lake.



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