Drunk Driver in NC Drives Off Road and is Launched Through the Air [VIDEO]

A man with a dash cam was following a drunk driver who was all over the road, nearly causing a couple of accidents while driving on the wrong side of the road.  He follows him for miles until the man’s luck finally runs out.

 The horrifying moment a driver who was allegedly on drugs flipped his car into the air after swerving into a ditch on a 55mph road has been captured on camera.

The incident took place on Highway 601 North in Cabarrus County in North Carolina on Sunday, and video was released on Monday.

The shocking video starts by showing the silver sedan having swerved onto the other side of the road as traffic approached it head on.

The car then drifted further to the left and ended up driving on someone’s front lawn as two vehicles heading in the other direction were able to narrowly avoid a collision.

The driver then continued down the road while on the wrong side for another few hundred yards, before slamming into a guard rail and swerving wildly back out into traffic.

A Jeep driving in the other direction was forced to slam on the brakes to avoid a potentially catastrophic crash.

‘This dude’s going to kill somebody,’ Jeremy Prevette – who filmed the video while driving behind the car – was heard saying as the sedan again narrowly missed some traffic.

About a minute later in the video, the silver car drifted off the road again – this time to the right-hand side – and smashed into another guardrail.

55mph speed limit signs were seen on the side of the road in the video, as Prevette said ‘S***, s***’, while watching the car veer off for a third time.

The car then went off the road for a fourth time, missing a turn to the left and driving straight into a grassy area.

The silver vehicle then hit a bump and was sent flying into the air, flipping into some trees before landing on its wheels but facing in the opposite direction.

‘Oh damn,’ Prevette was heard saying in his video as the totaled car came to a stop. Its hood and front bumper were almost entirely damaged or ripped off in the accident, while the front passenger door had been flung open upon impact.

H/T The Mail Online


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