Drinking, Womanizing, Sexist Behavior at White House Exposed

Former presidential speechwriter revealed what it was really like to work for the 44th president in a new memoir, claiming his experience was more like that in a frat house than a presidential administration.

Oh, I almost forgot: he’s talking about Barack Obama’s White House.

Former Presidential Speechwriter David Litt

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Obama speechwriter David Litt has written Thanks Obama: My Hopey Changey White House Years. It’s coming out in September, but the memoir’s juiciest scoops are out now:

He also discusses how romance was “almost painfully easy” for a White House staffer. At least one aide used his position to sleep with a “blonde D.C. newscaster,” although Litt does not specify who. The aide regularly boasted about his conquest to his coworkers.

The White House that Litt describes might be characterized as “fratty.” He writes how the all-male, all-white, all-under-40 speech writing team drank, smoked, called each other “bro,” and followed along with college basketball mostly to please Obama.

“If chest bumping had been permitted in the Oval, we would have gone for it,” Litt writes.

Charmingly, Litt discloses that when he applied for a job with the administration, he “listed thirty instances of undergraduate marijuana use, plus one experience with mushrooms I made clear I hadn’t enjoyed.” He got the job anyway, because of course he did.

Perhaps the most striking thing about the story isn’t the peek behind the scenes, but that these idiots actually tried to get Obama to say some of this juvenile, unprofessional, obviously-inappropriate crap in his speeches:

“You may think Tim Pawlenty’s all-American, but have you heard his full name? That’s right: Tim ‘bin Laden’ Pawlenty,” Litt wrote in a line that Obama later removed.

Off-color jokes were not limited to former governors either. In one particular lewd quip, a speechwriter suggested Obama say, “Let’s put it this way, dreams aren’t the only thing I got from my father.”

Of course the former president rejected both lines, because for all the other horrible things that are true about his character and judgment, at least he’s an adult.

In fairness, crude humor in private isn’t the biggest story in the world. In fact, it certainly goes on all over the place, and on both sides. But it’s hard to imagine conservative workplaces taking a positive view of using prestigious jobs to take advantage of impressionable women, and the vast majority of conservative twentysomethings working in politics certainly have the basic competence to know that sex jokes and casually comparing political foes to mass-murdering terrorists are things that no politician, least of all the President of the United States, should say.

Article Sources: The Federalist Papers, The Conservative Tribune Photo Credit: The Constitutional Conservatives

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