Don Jr Just Took A Giant Flamethrower To Liz Cheney!

Donald Trump Jr. is a lot like his father because he does not back down from battles and has no issue with stirring the pot on social media.

I have not always followed Trump Jr. on Twitter and other sites, and it was a huge mistake on my part for sure.

The man does not pull his punches, and the left cannot stand it.

It appears that any time Trump Jr. aims at a political opponent, he has the uncanny ability to take them down in an epic fashion.

No politician is a bigger enemy of “America First” than Cheney, and Don Jr. devotes his political power to taking this big ol’ RINO down.

And with this latest move, Don Jr. just took a flamethrower to Liz’s pathetic political career.

Burn, baby, burn…

Fox News reported:

An outside group chaired by Donald Trump Jr. is going up with a three-week-long ad blitz in Wyoming in support of Harriet Hageman, the Republican congressional candidate. With former President Donald Trump’s backing, she is primarily challenging GOP Rep. Liz Cheney.

“For far too long, Liz Cheney has bowed to the Democrat elites like Nancy Pelosi,” the younger Trump charges in the new commercial, which was shared first with Fox News Digital on Tuesday. “That’s why my father endorses Harriet Hageman for Congress. Hageman will defend our border and our Constitution.”

“That’s why I’m joining President Donald Trump to officially Harriet Hageman for Congress. She’s the congresswoman Wyoming deserves,” Trump Jr. emphasizes in the spot.

The younger Trump is honorary chair of Wyoming Values PAC, the organization behind the ad.

The group has previously gone up with billboards across the state aiming at Cheney – a vocal anti-Trump Republican — and supporting Hageman. But this is Protect Wyoming Values’ first TV commercial. The group says it will spend half a million dollars — a large sum in Wyoming’s inexpensive media markets — to run the spot leading up to the former president’s May 28 rally with Hageman in Casper, Wyoming.

You can watch the video below:

This is what we need to do. We need to focus all our energy on the 2022 primaries and take out as many of these traitorous RINOs as humanly possible.

We can’t win with them in office.

Right now, at this moment, they’re bigger enemies to us than Dems are, and they must go.


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