• June 15, 2024

Dog Is Chained Outside In The Freezing Cold For Years. Then Someone Saves The Day [VIDEO]

 Dog Is Chained Outside In The Freezing Cold For Years. Then Someone Saves The Day [VIDEO]

According to the Humane Society of the United States nearly 1 million animals are abused or killed each year due to some form of domestic violence. Animal rights groups, such as Animal Advocates, is only one of many nonprofit organizations working to fight against animal cruelty and the stigma that abused dogs can’t be saved.

Dog abuse is indeed an epidemic in this world.

Let me share to you the story of Diesel.

Diesel spent the first four years of his life chained to a stake in his owner’s yard. He lived in the Yukon in the north of Canada, where average daily temperatures stay below freezing from November through mid-February. Winters were hard, the temperatures could reach -40 degrees below zero.

But Diesel never lost his spirit. In fact, he found a way to keep himself alive, until one day, animal rescue showed up at his owner’s house to give the strong-willed dog a new start in life.

Animal Advocates found Diesel in absolutely horrifying conditions – he had been kicked in the face by a horse, breaking his teeth and splitting his tongue, as well as sporting a very deep shoulder wound caused by another dog. In the photo, you can see the dried blood and ice stuck in his mangy fur.

Diesel’s owner grew eventually grew tired of him and contemplating shooting the dog. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, though because when Animal Advocates heard about, they stepped in and brought Diesel to safety. Within a few days, Diesel was on a plane to Vancouver and on his way to a better life.

Animal Advocates saves dogs like Diesel every year who come from awful home lives where owners mistreat and hurt them. Thanks to some truly amazing people, Diesel is getting his first real chance at the life he deserves.

For more information about Diesel’s journey and how you can help Animal Advocates, check out the video down below!

Sources: Shareably, AnimalAdvocates Video Credit: Animal Advocates/Youtube

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