• June 24, 2024

Doctors Thought Woman Had a Brain Tumor, But It Was Worse [VIDEO]

 Doctors Thought Woman Had a Brain Tumor, But It Was Worse [VIDEO]

A woman went to her doctor complaining about severe headaches.  The doctor examined her then ordered a C-Scan, expecting to find a brain tumor, but none were found.  What was found was a bit scarier.  The doctors found eight tapeworm eggs in her brain.  As they blocked the passageway, they caused the severe headaches.  They were soon surprised again when they realized they had been there for two years.

I don’t know about you but the thought of tapeworms in my brain brings severe anxiety that I was turning into a liberal.  Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and I developed no blood lust for killing innocent babies. I was also able to resist inviting terrorists into the country.  (To live in your neighborhood, not mine)

 For nine months, a thirty-something mom named Yadira Rostro complained of painful headaches that kept persisting, along with vision impairment. However, Yadira had no idea what was causing her uncomfortable and often crippling symptoms.

At first, doctors ordered CT scans and assumed the pain was due to a brain tumor. But nothing prepared Yadira for her shocking diagnosis.

After nearly one year of living in agony, doctors finally realized the Texas mother had sacs of larvae living in her brain — eight tapeworm eggs, to be exact. Even crazier? They believed these nasty parasites “took up residence” in her brain for two years!

As the eggs developed, fluid slowly built up, hence the severe headaches. Dr. Richard Meyrat, a neurosurgeon, said small tapeworms grew inside of the tiny eggs.

Oh my goodness… My stomach is churning just thinking about it!

Watch the video below to learn how Yadira could have picked up this horrifying condition, and also what happened once she underwent surgery.


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