Doctor Rapes Several Patients For Years, Cops Horrified To Learn Of His Disgusting Fetish [VIDEO]

A suspended Las Vegas doctor accused of drugging and raping unconscious patients told jurors Thursday that he had a “Sleeping Beauty fetish,” which he acted out and videotaped with a woman during an affair.

It all started back in 2015 when 43-year-old Binh “Ben” Chung’s wife, Brenda Wong, was going through her husband’s phone and was left in shock. Come to find out, she was looking at video evidence of her husband cheating on her sexually with another woman – but things were about to get much worse.

According to Mail Online, Chung worked as a doctor at the Sundance Medical Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, but practicing medicine wasn’t all that he was doing while on the job. Upon closer examination, Brenda noticed that the woman her husband was sleeping with appeared to be unconscious.

Come to find out, the perverted practitioner had been using the time that some women spend unconscious for medical procedures to achieve something far more sinister. After a brief investigation, Chung was being taken into police custody after they had discovered that he was molesting and raping these helpless women.

Police detectives found several videos that Chung himself had recorded to relive the horrifying moments over and over again for his own sick pleasure. However, things got worse as they learned the man’s sick “foreplay” – and it’s resulted in the courts wanting to send the man away for half a century.

As it turns out, Chung liked to drug his victims first, so being a doctor severely helped in that regard. He would later explain that he has a “Sleeping Beauty Fetish,” where he liked to rape women that were asleep, helpless, and, most of all, defenseless.

One of Chung’s victims called him a “monster” and told a judge that she never suspected he could be so harmful. “I never could have imagined he was a monster,” the woman said. “I could not believe someone would do something so harmful.”

Of course, the pervert would later try to explain that each instance was “consensual” and that the women were “acting,” but that excuse wouldn’t fly with the courts, seeing how some of his victims were underage teens. Even worse yet, police found 10 unrelated videos of child pornography on Chung’s home computer, meaning that he had a special taste for younger victims.

In all, he has most recently been convicted of 11 of the 14 counts against him, including using a minor in the production of pornography, kidnapping, battery with intent to commit sexual assault, and four counts of sexual assault. As a result, he has been sentenced to 50 years behind bars, despite telling the courts that he no longer feels the desire to take part in such an act.

Unfortunately, for Chung, the bad times have only just begun since we know how inmates treat fellow prisoners who like to target and victimize defenseless women and children. My guess is, he’s about to learn the hard way how it’s not all that fun to be a victim – and I don’t think he’s going to like it when the shoe is on the other foot.

Article Sources: Mad World News

Photo Credit: The Long Room

Video Credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal

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