New Video Gives Clearer, Very Disturbing Picture of Alton Sterling Shooting

On Tuesday night, a video emerged online depicting the disturbing, fatal police shooting of 37-year-old Alton Sterling, but there’s a new––even more disturbing––video that’s been released today that gives a clearer picture of what happened.

The shooting took place outside a convenience store where Sterling sold CDs, and it was the owner of the store, Abduallah Muflahi, who recorded the below video.

The video (obtained by The Daily Beast) shows, in clearer detail than the original, how Sterling was on the ground when he was shot multiple times. (WARNING: DISTURBING AND GRAPHIC.)

He reportedly had a gun on him, but did not appear to be pulling it on the officers, based on what this video depicts.

Sterling’s family has already spoken publicly, and local leaders are calling for police accountability. The DOJ will lead a civil rights investigation into the matter.


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