Disabled 3yo Girl Came Home With Bald Spots Then Mother Learns Horrifying Truth [VIDEO]

Parents take their kids to school believing they’ll be safe and well taken care of, but this woman’s little girl was literally tortured on her bus ride home.

When Teresa Wende’s three-year-old daughter with a disability, LouLou, recently came home from school, the Auburn, Washington, was shocked to find a bald patch on her daughter’s head. After seeing what had been recorded on the bus’s surveillance cameras, she was absolutely horrified.

LouLou couldn’t tell her mother what had happened to her because she is non-verbal.

But Wende saw it all for herself when she watched the surveillance footage. Another child with special needs, who is an eight-year-old, had pulled out chunks of LouLou’s hair on the bus.

Though LouLou was screaming and obviously distressed, the driver didn’t stop the bus or check on her himself. He asked her what was wrong, which she couldn’t respond to, and then believed the eight-year-old when she lied and said LouLou was upset about taking her ponytail out.

“It’s disturbing because in all regards, it appears the eight-year-old knew what they were doing,” Auburn Commander Mark Caillier said. For more on this disturbing story, watch the video below, but be warned that it is difficult to watch.

Now police are investigating and will forward the case to the prosecutor’s office. Share if you’re sickened that anyone could let this happen to a child, let alone one with a disability.


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