Did You Know That Fake Boobs Can Save Your Life ?

It seems like there is a study for everything, no matter how trivial or baffling it might be as long as there is a government grant at stake.  But, believe it or not, researchers at the University of Utah decided to test fake boobs to see if they could stop or at least slow down a bullet.  According to the study, they can, although they will never replace the bulletproof vest, they are more aesthetically pleasing.

 They discovered bullets travel 20 per cent less far when shot into the implants, potentially stopping vital organ damage.

In recent years, with fake breasts growing in trend, numerous women have come forward to say their surgically-enhanced chest has saved their life in this way.

They include Canadian woman Eileen Likness, who said that her surgically enhanced boobs absorbed the ‘brunt of the force’ from a bullet.

During the trial of her ex-boyfriend who tried to kill her, she testified that she may have died without the implants.

Gunshot wounds to the chest are often fatal, with this region of the body being home to vital organs and major blood vessels.

To test whether there was any truth behind the multiple claims, University of Utah researchers conducted an experiment, New Scientist reports.

How was the study carried out?

They analysed the damage of bullets shot into a synthetic gel similar to human tissue, and whether a breast implant could slow it down.

For the study, a handgun was used from a distance of 2.5 metres. The implant was the size equivalent of a D cup – 750 cubic centimetres.
On closer inspection, the researchers found implants affected the shape of the bullets, making them flatter and wider.

Lead researcher Christian Pannucci believes they could also offer protection for stabbings and accidents. He said: ‘You can think of them as tiny airbags.

H/T The Mail Online


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