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Did Judge’s Political Correctness Cause The Death of 2 MA Doctors?

 Did Judge’s Political Correctness Cause The Death of 2 MA Doctors?

Bampumim Teixeira stands accused of slitting the throats of two doctors, killing them both.  He had been released from prison just one month earlier as he was serving prison time for robbing the same bank in 2014 and 2016.  Besides the fact that he got an early release, the judge who sentenced him was being politically correct and in the process, I believe, became complicit in the crime.  There are two judges in the Boston Municipal Courts by the name of Lisa Grant, one of whom is alleged to have heard the case and sentenced the man to 364 days in prison.

Did the significance of the 364 day sentence strike you as odd?  Why not one year?  The answer is simple if you understand liberal logic.  (Now that’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one)  If Teixeira had been sentenced to one year, he would have faced deportation when his sentence ended.  By knocking one day off, the judge assured that Teixeira would not be deported and thus back on the streets where he killed two engaged doctors.

It has still not been clear which Lisa Grant sentenced him but Judge Lisa Ann Grant released a Uber driver without bail after he was arrested for raping one of his clients.  She seems to be the likely candidate for releasing Teixeira, but it’s not conclusive since we can almost safely assume that both are liberals who practice political correctness.

 After law enforcement arrested an unruly Teixeira, who reportedly was wearing black clothes and dark gloves, a SWAT team surveyed the apartment to ensure that no other shooters were present. The authorities found no accomplices, but did discover the bodies of Field, 50, and his fiancee Lina Bolanos, 38, dead with their hands bound and throats slashed, according to the Boston Globe. The walls were allegedly smeared with blood and featured a vindictive message (although it is not clear if the note itself was written in blood). A backpack full of jewelry was also discovered at the crime scene, reports the Boston Globe.

Teixeira pleaded not guilty to the latest alleged crimes and presiding Judge Michael Bolden ordered that he be held without bail.

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