• February 21, 2024

Did Any Administration Release Classified Information That Got People Killed?

 Did Any Administration Release Classified Information That Got People Killed?

Much is being made of Donald trump and what democrats are calling an egregious leaking of classified material.  He shared some information on ISIS that both countries are fighting.  But has any presidential administration ever release information that got people killed like democrats are saying Trump did?  Yes and not long ago either and they did it twice.  That would be the Obama administration.

After the bin Laden raid, Joe Biden talked about the raid with reporters and divulged that Seal Team Six conducted that raid.  On August 6th, 2011 in Afghanistan, the Taliban took down a Chinook helicopter, killing 30 soldiers including 15 members of Seal Team Six.

Leon  Panetta criticized Trump over the fake information leak.  (Yeah, no one knew that Russia and the US were fighting ISIS until Trump let it slip)  Panetta is one to talk, since after the bin Laden raid Panetta let slip about the Pakistani doctor who helped us find bin Laden.

As a result, .   Shakil Afridi, was thrown in prison and will remain there another decade or so.  But Panetta thinks that was acceptable.  And while we are at mishandling classified infornatio, no one did it better than Hillary Clinton.

 What makes the Obama administration’s leaks on the bin Laden raid the worst of all was that they were made to further his re-election campaign. Lives were lost and destroyed for Barack Obama’s personal political ambitions.

The Obama administration chose to reveal classified information on a number of other occasions. It released information about the interrogation methods used with terrorists; claimed credit for the Stuxnet virus, exposing our Israeli intelligence partners in the process; and ordered the U.S. intelligence community to share information with the Cuban regime. All of these are far worse than what Trump reportedly shared. (Update: Sean Davis of the Federalist notes that Obama pardoned the Stuxnet leaker before leaving office in January.)

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