DeSantis Just Took A Giant Step To Keep Elections Fair!

 DeSantis Just Took A Giant Step To Keep Elections Fair!

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis is kicking ass and taking names, making it clear that he is planning on throwing his hat into the presidential ring in 2024.

In an epic moment that must have all liberals crying their non-gendered tears, DeSantis signed his voting reform bill EXCLUSIVELY on Fox News.

Me signing this bill says: Florida, your vote counts, your vote is going to be cast with integrity and transparency, and this is a great place for democracy.

Watch the full video here:

Not only did DeSantis give Fox News the exclusive but he also told other media outlets they were not allowed to attend.


The size of DeSantis’ grapefruits to pull a move like has to be giving him back problems. It also makes sense, since we saw how willing the media is to lie about the Georgia voting bill. If the media is just going to repeat what they’re told to say by Democrats anyway, there’s no point it having the media there.

DeSantis announced the bill in February. His intentions were to:

  • Address ballot harvesting so that no person may possess ballots other than their own and their immediate family’s.
  • Political parties and candidates cannot be shut out from observing the signature matching process.
  • Prohibits counties from receiving grants from private third-party organizations for “get out the vote” initiatives.
  • Requires real-time reporting of voter turnout data at the precinct level.
  • Supervisors of Elections must report how many ballots have been requested, how many have been received, and how many are left to be counted.

I am almost certain that the mainstream media will spin this in an entirely different way but only time will tell. What will be incredibly interesting to see is how other companies will react to this hard stance that DeSantis is taking. As we have seen before, woke companies in Georgia are pulling up stakes and leaving over the election laws so does that mean Disney will pack up the Magic Kingdom and move to New Jersey?

Yeah, that won’t happen.

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