Deranged Liberal Chases Republican Member of Congress and Attacks His Car

On Monday U.S. Rep. David Kustoff held a townhall in Martin, Tennessee.  A woman by the name of Wendi Wright followed him as he left the meeting with aide Marianne Dunavant.  Kustoff and Dunavant both said they were fearful that she would force them off the road.  Kustoff pulled his car into a driveway belonging to a friend to try to shake the insane bitch but it didn’t work.  She got out of her car and began pounding on the windshield while yelling at Kustoff, who called the police.  Wright had left before the Weakley County police got there but were later able to locate her when she couldn’t help herself as she needed to brag about what an ass she is on social media.

 Wright followed the vehicle, putting Kustoff and Dunavant in fear of being run off the road, the release says. The car eventually turned onto Old Troy Road and into a driveway of a person Kustoff and Dunavant knew, the release says.

When the two vehicles stopped, Wright got out and started screaming and hitting the windshield of Kustoff’s car, the release says.

At some point during the incident, Wright reached inside their vehicle and then stood in front of the car in an attempt to block them in the driveway, the release says.

During the altercation, a 911 call was made, but Wright left before Weakley County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived.

Wright was identified by police after posting details of the altercation on Facebook.

Wright, of Obion County, was arrested by the Obion County Sheriff’s Office on a warrant from Weakley County.

She has been released from custody on $1,000 bond, and is expected to be arraigned in Weakley County General Sessions Court Monday on charges of felony reckless endangerment.

H/T The Jackson Sun

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