Democrats Reportedly Want Jerry Springer — JERRY SPRINGER — To Run For Office

Democrats reportedly want talk show host Jerry Springer to run for governor of Ohio in 2018, according to Business Insider.

Democratic sources told BI that there is a real push to get the former Cincinnati mayor and TV host to run for the job because he could mimic President Trump’s populist, self-funded campaign. Springer is most famous nationally for “The Jerry Springer Show.”

Springer “certainly would start out with wide name recognition,” former governor of Ohio Ted Strickland told Business Insider. “I think he’s a superb communicator. I think he has a very strong ability to communicate what I think is the heart of the Democratic message.”

Springer formerly tried to get the Democratic nomination for Ohio governor in 1982, but finished last in the primary.

After rumors of his interest in the job began swirling in February, Springer told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Trump’s victory gave the speculation more “juice.”

“What’s probably giving it more juice this time is the Trump victory,” Springer explained. “People are thinking that somebody outside the traditional political establishment can win. His constituency is basically mine. These are fans of the show.”


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