Democrats In TOTAL Meltdown After What They Said About Pelosi!

Since January 6th, the Democrats cannot stop talking about how that it was all Donald Trump and his supporter’s fault.

Nancy Pelosi and her flying monkeys cannot stop talking about how they were fearful for their lives and they need PTSD counseling for the “insurrection” that took place that day.

Side note, they keep calling it an insurrection but no one has been even charged with that but it sure does make their talking points sound better I am guessing.

They have been obsessed with this day so much that they cannot even see straight anymore or even recognize their own culpability in the day.

However, none have deflected blame more than House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Thankfully, there is one person that is not letting Pelosi get away with her lies and deflection.

Elise Stefanik is not backing down from criticizing Pelosi for her role in what occurred on that day.

Stefanik on Tuesday said this of Pelosi’s involvement:

“The American people deserve to know the truth. That Nancy Pelosi bears responsibility, as speaker of the House, for the tragedy that occurred on Jan. 6.”

Just a day later, several high-profile democrats are having full-blown meltdowns over Stefanik’s comments.

Mediaite has more from Stefanik:

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for the Capitol insurrection just as the January 6th House select committee kicked off its first hearing.

“There is a reason that Nancy Pelosi is the most disliked elected official in America,” Stefanik began. “She always puts her own  partisan politics over what’s best for the American people.”

The Republican lawmaker went on to pronounce Pelosi an “authoritarian who has broken the People’s House” — which was in fact stormed by supporters of Stefanik’s own party on January 6th.

Stefanik went on to attack Pelosi for refusing to appoint GOP representatives Jim Jordan (OH) and Jim Banks (IN) to the January 6th House select committee, claiming it’s because the speaker, “doesn’t want the American people to know the truth or learn the facts.”

Several high-profile Democrats were triggered by Stefanik’s statement, including Adam Schiff.

Liz Cheney, being the two-faced individual that she is, also joined in on the attack on Stefanik.

 Fox News, Cheney is nothing more than a “Pelosi pawn” at this stage:

Rep. Elise Stefanik called fellow Republican House member Liz Cheney a “Pelosi pawn” after Cheney criticized Stefanik for saying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is to blame for the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

“And when it comes to Liz Cheney,” Stefanik told Sean Hannity Tuesday evening on his Fox News program. “She is a Pelosi Republican, a Pelosi pawn at this point. She does not represent the Republican conference, or Republican voters, or the American people.”

Stefanik, who became the third-ranking House Republican after the party ousted Cheney from the position in May, had said earlier on Tuesday that Americans “deserve to know the truth — that Nancy Pelosi bears responsibility as Speaker of the House for the tragedy that occurred on January 6.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper later Tuesday asked Cheney about the comments, eliciting Cheney to characterize them as shameful, and blaming former President Donald Trump for the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol

“If I were saying the things that you just played, I’d be deeply ashamed of myself. What happened is absolutely clear. We had, as we heard this morning, just intolerable cruelty. A mob that was assembled by President Trump, was provoked by him,” Cheney said during an interview on CNN.

President Donald Trump echoed a similar sentiment about Pelosi’s role in the incident on Jan 6th.

Sassy Liberty

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