DEM Rep DEMANDING American CEO’s Hire MILLIONS Of Foreign Workers!

Anyone that has lost a job due to a foreign acquisition or their job being given to someone from outside the United States definitely feels a little bit of a sting inside whenever the subject of outsourcing comes up.

On a couple of different occasions I have been the victim of losing a perfectly good job to someone from outside of the United States and it never feels good any time it happened.

One of those times was a company that made all different kinds of parts for aircraft if I remember correctly and one day we all got called in on a Monday saying that the last day was going to be Thursday. When you showed up to work on Tuesday you had 2/3 of the people just didn’t bother to show up.

It’s one thing when a job is outsourced by an American company that could be performed by an able bodied American to another country, but when they give a job that an American can do to a foreigner that’s living in the United States that is just beyond all stretches of decency.

We’ve got enough problems as it is with giving everyone a job that needs or wants one without liberals wanting to carry a torch for giving someone else a job that hasn’t paid into the system yet.

From Breitbart:

Indian-born Democratic Rep. Pramila Jayapal says the U.S. economy needs millions of wage-cutting visa workers for good jobs sought by many Americans and immigrants.

The editors of the New York Review of Books published Jayapal’s corporatist demand for more visa workers on December 3 under the headline: “A New Moral Imagination on Immigration.” She wrote:

The number of visas for nonagricultural workers (such as construction workers, housekeepers, or forest workers) is stuck at the 1990 level of 66,000 visas—even though our economy requires millions.

In reality, the resident population of blue-collar and white-collar visa-workers – H2Bs, H-2As, H-1Bs, L-1s, OPTs, etc. — routinely exceeds two million.

Jayapal also urged that immigration policies should meet the needs of employers, not employees, writing that “our immigration system should be updated regularly to prioritize certain industries that are seeing rapid growth and need workers.”

Jayapal’s demand for more government-controlled foreign labor spotlights the growing corporatist alliance between elite progressives, establishment Democrats, CEOs, and Wall Street investors — and it helps to explain why ordinary Americans favored pro-American Donald Trump for the White House.


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