(Gateway Pundit) – The Deep State is once again trying to damage President Trump with selective leaks to the left-wing media.

Two ‘sources’ who had intelligence briefings (Obama holdovers) about the strike that killed Iranian military officials leaked portions of the briefings to the New York Times in order to push the narrative that President Trump authorized a drone strike that killed top Iran commander Soleimani with “razor-thin” evidence that an attack on American targets was imminent.

Follow this thread from Rukmini Callimachi of the New York Times:

The ‘sources’ claimed Soleimani’s travel to Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq to meet with Shia proxies was not suspicious, it was just ‘business as usual.’

Soleimani sought the Supreme Leader’s approval for an operation and was supposedly told to travel to Tehran for further guidance and approval for an operation.

Reminder, a US contractor was just killed and several US military personnel were just wounded in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base.

But the sources claimed that was not enough evidence of an imminent attack and called the “reading of the intelligence as an illogical leap.”

The Trump-hating sources then told the NY Times reporter that the planning for the drone strike was “chaotic.”

According to one source, President Trump opted to go after Soleimani after the US embassy in Iraq was attacked.

In closing, the NY Times hack suggested that Trump targeted Soleimani to distract from impeachment. Truly unbelievable.

Tom Fitton blasted the Deep State leaks.

Richard Grenell also slammed the NY Times hack.

Others chimed in and told off the left-wing hack.


Sassy Liberty

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