Deep State Election Panic Is Off The Charts!

 Deep State Election Panic Is Off The Charts!
We all know about the election audits going on at this time in our country, and needless to say, it is about damn time. However, as we see the information coming out that shows that the election was indeed tampered with, the deep state is in utter meltdown.
Now, the question on everyone’s mind is, why would they care so much if the elections were transparent and secure, they wouldn’t.
They are now panicking and are trying to get ahead of the results since they know that the election was tampered with and it will show them for the lairs they are. The people are reaching the precipice, we see this in many states and communities where the people are taking back control. The deep state is preparing for the fallout, they are ready to blackout all communications, they are testing a new system and they are continuing the censorship. The patriots are exposing it all and they do not like that one bit.
They know that once they are exposed the is no turning back and making it all right.
We must hold the line and continue to push for the truth.
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