Deadly Deep State Vaccine Warfare: Did Trump Just Save Millions of Lives? [WATCH]

 Deadly Deep State Vaccine Warfare: Did Trump Just Save Millions of Lives? [WATCH]

This is a totally interesting take on the entire vaccine timeline and why we saw President Trump move forward with the vaccines. Many people wonder why Trump advocated for the experimental jab to be pushed forward that so many knew could be dangerous.

Now with the new emails of Fauci being released to the public thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, we may have better insights into the entire ordeal, and how this path possibly saved millions of lives.

If the vaccine was able to go forward without the emergency act more people would have been forced to receive the jab which would have caused mass injuries and death.

In fact, I personally have a family member suffering from horrible side effects after being forced to take the jab by his own employer to work.

Can you imagine if everyone in the country was forced to take the jab?

It would have been even worse than what we are seeing now.

Here is more:

The million-dollar question is this: If Trump is good, why would he endorse dangerous experimental vaccines? I have researched this topic thoroughly and I’ll explain it fully in this 30-minute video. Trump had to rush vaccines into production and distribution before FDA approval to maintain an Emergency-use status. That way, they could not be forced upon Americans as Mandatory, which is exactly what the diabolical Deep State intended.

Sometimes you can’t tell people the truth, You Must Show Them! We are in the midst of a worldwide Military Intelligence Sting Operation. Trump is leading The U.S. Military along with trusted allies in an epic battle of Good vs. Evil. Patriots vs. The Deep State Cabal. Fear not. Many believe this battle has already been won. Remember, in the end, God wins!

The Worldwide Demonic Cabal devised a 16-year plan to destroy America and take control of the planet. Patriots in the U.S. Military interrupted their evil scheme by installing President Trump into The White House. They thought Hillary couldn’t lose a rigged election. Patriots outsmarted The Deep State. And that was the beginning of the end for The Cabal. But they will not go down without a fight! We’re in the midst of an epic worldwide battle to save humanity!

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