• May 23, 2024

DC Police Demand Removal of Capitol Painting Depicting Cops As Racist Pigs

 DC Police Demand Removal of Capitol Painting Depicting Cops As Racist Pigs

Capitol Hill Police blasted a painting that now hangs in the U.S. Capitol, which depicts police as pigs shooting up a black St. Louis neighborhood and want the piece removed immediately.

“The painting portrays a colorful landscape of symbolic characters representing social injustice, the tragic events in Ferguson and the lingering elements of inequality in modern American society,” Democratic Missouri Rep. Lacy Clay said in a statement last June of the painting  created by David Pulphus and chosen by Rep. Clay as part of the annual U.S. Congressional Art Competition.

However, law enforcement in and around the Capitol are seething. In a statement to The Daily Caller. Andy Maybo, president of The Fraternal Order of Police District of Columbia Lodge #1 said, “This piece of art, which depicts officers as pigs, is both offensive and disgusting. During a time in our society when tensions are so high that someone can be offended by a single word, this painting does nothing but attack law enforcement to its core.  The fact that a member of Congress would advocate and praise such a painting is reprehensible.  We, in law enforcement, regardless of the police department we work for, are held to higher standards that certain Members of Congress now have made a mockery of.”

Maybo received emails and calls from Capitol Hill Police slamming the painting and anyone who supports its continued presentation in the Capitol. One officer went as far as to say that President-elect Trump would tear the painting down himself.

“Wow…glad I risk my life everyday for a member of Congress to support the BLM against me. Working on Capitol Hill is just not worth it anymore. Although most Members of Congress appreciate what we do, it’s the ones who constantly disrespect us that makes you question why you even show up to work,” an officer wrote to Maybo.

One law enforcement figure stated to Maybo, “How is this possible!?  This painting should just be tossed in the trash, along with Congressman Clay’s career as a public servant. He obviously doesn’t know that more officers have been killed this year than in years past.”

“Only a few more weeks left of this bs!  Trump would never allow something like this, especially from a Member of Congress.  Shoot…he would probably come to the Hill and remove it himself.”

Another officer wrote, “I understand people have the right to create art as they see it but this is sickening.  If this is someone’s expression of their freedom of speech, then society has failed them and they will never get it.  It’s a shame that officers and officials in the Capitol would be disciplined for displaying such a painting, but this artist is praised by members of Congress. What a shame.”

“Maybe we need an officer to come through and paint a thick blue line through the center of this painting.  Maybe someone will understand then just how disgusting this is,” an officer told Maybo.

Maybo himself stated, “The DC Fraternal Order of Police – Lodge #1 has the most diverse FOP Lodge in the Nation.  We pride ourselves on fraternalism and unity within our organization.  When a painting like this is displayed, portraying police as animals, it attacks each and every one of us–especially during a time when we are trying to rebuild and strengthen our relationships within the community.”

“As President of the FOP, who represents over 10,000 police officers and federal agents, to include all members of the US Capitol Police, I hope that this artwork will be removed immediately.  The fact that it hangs just feet from where Capitol Police officers are posted on a daily basis, protecting the very members of Congress who support such an offensive piece of artwork, could not be more disrespectful to the Capitol Police, and all law enforcement across the Country,” he said.



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