Dad Walks In On His Friend Pulling Up His Pants. Then He Sees Who Is On The Bed [VIDEO]

A man is accused of raping the six-year-old boy in Hazleton on Saturday night, June 10th.

Sebastian Wardingo, 19-year-old, caught in the act of pulling up his pants by the victim’s father who walked into the room. The boy was on the bed with his pants down.

Officers were called to the Hazelton home and when they arrived, found Wardingo and the child’s father fighting.

According to reports from the police, Wardingo later admitted to inappropriate contact with the child.

Wardingo has been charged with child rape and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, among other charges. He is currently being held in a Luzerne County jail.

Readers horrified by the disturbing story shared their thoughts on the MommyPage Facebook page.

My heart breaks in pieces every time I read this kind of horrible things he’s only 6 for God sake now the torment he’s will have not understanding why he did that,” one reader commented. “I pray that God will protect my child at all time a fear that I will have. Because I know I don’t ask first if something like that were to happen he wouldnt have seen jail. I would’ve tortured him and then call 911.

I’m so sick of pedofiles!!! I’M not a violent person but i know these monsters will suffer the wrath of God. For vengeance is mine saith the Lord and I know he HAS to love children more than I do and I love the innocence more than life itself,” another user wrote.

According to MommyPage, readers also commented on the story on Crime Watch Daily’s Facebook page.

I honestly don’t know how I would stop myself from losing it. Just picturing that image in my head…. I just can’t,” a mother commented. “I’m afraid instead of calling the police to arrest him, they’d be calling the coroner. Nothing will stop me from protecting my children. Even if I have to give my own life fighting to protect theirs.

If I was the cop I would have shot him, the dad should have done something I know we ain’t anyone to take someones life away but man I have boys and this crap scares me every day Who let’s a grown man alone with there child I would have shot this man. This child’s innocence just got taken away ugh it makes me wanna cry from how piss and how someone can be so stupid to do this or allow any grown man alone with there child !!!!!!!!!” another user added.

Article Sources: AmericaNow, WNEP – ABC News MommyPage/Facebook

Video Credit: WNEP – ABC News

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