Dad Found A Secret Room Hidden Behind A Basement Wall, And Its History Is Astonishing

A homeowner discovered a secret room in their basement and to find out it was part the American history.

The family has been told stories that their home had been a part of the country’s history. Later they appeared that the rumors was not just a fiction.

One day, the family decided to renovate their basement to improve its energy efficiency, they discovered a concealed opening in the foundation off stones. And beyond it was a secret room.

Photos of the extraordinary discovery were published on the image-sharing website imgur by a user who goes by the name of “IvebeentoYungay.” He wrote, “The room was found in the basement of the house I grew up in, which was completed in 1849. It is 25 miles south of the Canadian border.”

According to IvebeentoYungay, his family had long been told stories about a “hiding spot” under the fireplace. “[But] instead of tearing up the living room floor,” he said. “They tried to find it from the basement.” However, the hiding spot had to be extremely well-concealed in order to escape the attention of federal agents and bounty hunters.

Indeed, the room was hidden in the foundations of the house behind 32 inches of stone. But with the help of a small step-ladder, IvebeentoYungay was able to climb up to the opening and peer inside. And what he saw finally confirmed the rumors: his family home had once been part of a clandestine smuggling network.

The room was connected to an underground tunnel to provide passage to the escaped slaves to free states via system safe houses. The network was known as the “Underground Railroad” because its operators used coded “railroad” terminology to communicate with each other.

The Underground Railroad may have assisted as many as 100,000 slaves to freedom. At least one-third of them went to British North America, which was previously nicknamed “Heaven” or the “Promised Land” before and it currently known today as Canada. This was the final stop on the “Gospel Train.”

However, there are not any much traces left of the tunnel except for a broken steps, some stones, and they found a rusty bayonet hanging on one of the walls.

However, its true value lies in its connection to wider events in American history. After all, the conditions that caused the Underground Railroad to thrive are the same conditions that supplied the grounds for America’s civil war. As such, it is a vital piece of history. And fortunately, the Underground Railroad is now gaining the popular attention it deserves.


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