Customer Absolutely Refuses To Tip Waiter For One Reason And One Reason Only [VIDEO]

Racist customers at a restaurant refused to tip the poor waiter because of what he is. On July 16, couple went to a Mexican restaurant and reportedly refused to tip a Tennessee server only because he is white.

Even worse is that hateful message was written on a receipt and left for a message for a server during his shift.

“We don’t tip white ppl, LOL,” a couple wrote on a receipt by a left for On The Border Mexican Grill & Cantina waiter Nathan Bergeron, WREG reports.

Brandy Sciara, his best friend, saw the horrible, racist message on her phone when her friend Nathan Bergeron sent her a picture of the receipt a couple left him during his shift at On The Border Mexican Grill near Wolfchase. “I was absolutely devastated and so sad for him,” said Sciara. [Source: The Gateway Pundit]

And to make matters worse, Brandy says Nathan sleeps in his car and he’s working to get money for an apartment.

“I’ve seen Nathan, he’s counting his dollars and trying to add it up to see if he has gas to make it to work the next day,” said Sciara. “He’s not going to tell you how it really makes him feel, he’s just hoping he has a couch to sleep on the next day.”

I asked her did Nathan mention anything about how the couple treated him.

“His response was, the lady was actually really nice,” said Sciara. “It could’ve been the boyfriend or husband that was with her that wrote it, and he said it happens, people don’t want to tip and they don’t have too.”

She quickly shared a picture of the receipt on social media, capturing attention nationwide. Brandy posted the receipt on Facebook hoping people would send words of encouragement, but most asked if they could donate money. This prompted her to start a GoFundMe hoping to raise $500 for Nathan but she was not expecting that’s reached over $1,000.

“I feel like this happens a lot more than what it should whether you’re black or you’re white or you’re young or old,” said Sciara.

“I feel like this happens a lot where servers are really under appreciated.”

“You don’t have to tip if you don’t want to, but to not tip because of how somebody looks is not right,” said Sciara.

On The Border released a statement saying, “Since the restaurant management has only just been made aware of the post and the employee’s reported personal situation, we are in the process of looking into it. We would like to speak with the employee before commenting.”

According to his friend Brandy, Nathan has never been the guy to complain about his situation or ask for help, so she is going out of her way to get him the new beginning he deserves. Brandy brags about Nathan’s amazing attitude and positive outlook on life, which makes donating to his fresh start even more meaningful.

“Nathan I’m sorry you had the misfortune of dealing with such hatred,” wrote one black woman, who donated $40. “Please know despite this, the goodness of people still exist. God bless you.”

“Not that it matters, but I am a Black man who grew up in the Mid- South,” commented another donor. “I look forward to bringing my family in for dinner soon . My family and I are hoping to meet you.”

“If the roles were reversed it would be considered a hate crime,” commented one person.

Some were angry it was not being covered more widely.

“It is no surprise that this story has not been covered on national news,” wrote Emily Ann in an opinion piece for MWN. “According to the left’s narrative, white folks are never discriminated against and have some sort of privilege…Only black people have to deal with ‘racists.'”


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