Crippling Snow, Freezing Temps & Rolling Power Outages Is The Mark of “Weather Warfare” in Texas

 Crippling Snow, Freezing Temps & Rolling Power Outages Is The Mark of “Weather Warfare” in Texas

Texas is being hammered right now by severe winter weather that has caused the state to experience freezing temperatures which has prompted rolling power outages across the red state.

As many of us are aware, Texas is key to our oil production, and the state and coincidentally has also filed paperwork to leave the corrupt union. Now, with all that in mind, you have to admit that the severe weather in the state is all too perfectly timed. If you are now aware of it already the elites do have the technology to control the weather which is why they are able to push the bullcrap theory of Climate Change to the masses.

So with this all laid in front of us, are you not wondering if this is a “weather war” meant to cripple the state back into submission?

Let’s be honest, Texas is one of the few states that is self-sustainable in many ways and could easily stand on its own. They do not need the Federal Government to continue being one of the strongest states in the union. However, they can destroy them so that they stay just where they are.

Here is more:

Dr. William Happer, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University, is an American physicist who has specialized in the study of atomic physics, optics, and spectroscopy. From 1991-1993, he served as director of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science under George W. Bush’s administration but was fired in late 1993 by the Clinton administration after he failed to convince Bill that science behind the global warming movement was deeply flawed. In short, Dr. Happer has unimpeachable credentials and stellar history of academic excellence.

Happer went to Mara-a-Lago with a warning. He told Trump neither mother nature nor fictitious tales of earth-shattering climate change were responsible for the storm that had brought the Lone Star State to its knees; a fifth of the state’s electricity transmission plants collapsed and over four million Texans froze in the dark, many without water too.

Dr. Happer, our source said, told Trump the Biblical storm was a product of “weather warfare.” A technology called HAARP, Happer said, had been weaponized and directed at Texas, possibly as a warning to Republican states that have eschewed Biden’s Covid-19 policies and promised to fight his dissection of the 2nd Amendment.

HAARP is an acronym for High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, ostensibly a scientific research program to study the properties and behavior of the ionosphere through the use of directed microwave frequency. Many scholars over the years have questioned the ethics of HAARP, noting its technology could easily be weaponized, and the government claimed to have shuttered the program in 2013 in response to the promulgation of bad press and conspiracy theories.

Happer claimed “whispers in the scientific community” suggested Biden had perverted desires to teach Red states a lesson by way of unconventional warfare. He speculated that “Biden’s people” had seized the HAARP research facility in Gakona, Alaska, and “turned up the juice” to disrupt, manipulate, and reposition the Jet Stream to center an arctic front over Texas.

Our source said Trump, who has been falsely accused of disliking science, expressed interest in Happer’s theory but questioned how the attack could be considered a warning if Biden had not actually warned anyone about an attack, impending or otherwise.

“It’s not like Sleepy Joe called Greg[Abbott], a good man and a really great governor, and said play ball with me or else, or called Ron [DeSantis], another great governor, and said we just screwed Texas, you’re next,” Trump reportedly said.

“Are you sure they weren’t notified?” Happer asked.

“I’m sure. I talk to these guys every day. Every day. And I think this is something they would’ve told me. We’re working together, you know,” Trump said.

Happer admitted he didn’t have all the answers, but he assured Trump that Texas’s location relative to the Southern Hemisphere and the equator absolutely precluded any chance that Uri was a naturally occurring meteorological phenomenon.

“It is impossible, Mr. Trump. Right here, Florida could be his next target,” Happer opined.

Our source said the meeting ended with Trump saying he’d take the matter under advisement and convene a council of scientists and military experts to corroborate Happer’s hypothesis.

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