Creepy Footage Appears to Show the ‘Lost Soul’ of Ghost Boy Leap From the Raging Waters [VIDEO]

Someone decided to show a street that was turned into a river by a devastating flood.  The stores on both sides of the street had become river banks.  When the man who filmed the scene looked at it later, he saw something very spooky.  It looks like a young boy is walking on the flood waters and then jumps onto the sidewalk.

 This creepy footage appears to show the ‘ghost’ of a boy emerging from raging floodwater as it streams through a city.

It shows a flooded street with a row of shops turned into a riverbank by the fast-flowing water.

The unnamed person who shot the film pans slowly to the right, and in the distance a strange sight appears.

The figure of a boy seems to leap from the middle of the foaming water, up on to a brick wall.

The video zooms in and the filmer slows down the last few seconds for viewers to see the ‘ghost’.

In a city where 94 people have been killed by several heavy floods, the video touched a nerve with traumatized residents.

Some viewers think the apparition might be the spirit of a child who died in the river.

Yomaira En Ospino said: ‘A lot of people died in the river, amen for all those lost souls.’

Michel Cano Campos said: ‘You can see perfectly how he is passing.’

Norma Judith Rambao Polo added: ‘I saw him, he is seen getting out of the river,’ and Maria Margarita Otero wrote: ‘You can see him clearly, scary.’

The clip has been shared almost 6,000 times. But some viewers are not convinced about the ‘ghost’.

H/T The Mail Online

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