• May 18, 2024

Court Rules Yelling “I Hate White Women” And Punching White Woman Isn’t Hate Crime

 Court Rules Yelling “I Hate White Women” And Punching White Woman Isn’t Hate Crime

When is a ‘hate crime’ not considered to actually be a hate crime? Apparently, when said crime is considered against someone of the white race.

A Canadian judge ruled Tuesday that yelling that you hate white people while punching a white person is not necessarily a hate crime against white people.

On November 1st, a woman ironically named Lydia White was outside a Calgary pub when a woman asked her for a cigarette. White gave the woman the cigarette, but the woman’s friend Tamara Crowchief walked up to White yelling “I hate white people” and hit her in the face, knocking a tooth out.

Crowchief walked away, but White followed her and called the police. During her arrest, Crowchief (who is Native American) told police that “the white man was out to get her.”

But The Calgary Herald reports that Judge Harry Van Harten did not buy the Crown’s theory that the attack was a hate crime, clearing Crowchief of that charge.“There is no evidence either way about what the offender meant or whether… she holds or promotes an ideology which would explain why this assault was aimed at this victim,” he said. “I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offence was, even in part, motivated by racial bias.”

Crowchief was convicted of the assault and released on probation after already serving six months in prison. She was also arrested and sentenced to 30 days in prison in 2013, after she attacked a key witness in a murder trial and called her a “rat.”


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