Couple’s Dirty Dancing Scene Goes Horribly Wrong [VIDEO]

A soon to be bride and groom were both big fans of the movie Dirty Dancing and decided they would perform “The Lift” at their wedding.  They decided to practice the maneuver at a beer garden, not the best place in the world to begin with.  If you remember the movie, The Lift was done during the final song “Time of My Life” that might be inappropriate  considering what happened next.

 The moment a couple tried to practise a performance of the iconic lift from Dirty Dancing ahead of their wedding but both ended up in A&E was caught on camera by bemused family members.

Bride-to-be Sharon Price and fiance Andy Price were left unconscious after their attempt to recreate the famous film in a Weston-Super-Mare pub beer garden spectacularly flopped.

They have both watched the 80s film more than 30 times and wanted to do the famous lift moment on the big day.

After larking around in the garden on Saturday afternoon the couple thought it would be fun if they tried a practise run at about 9.30pm.
But things went disastrously wrong when they collided and Mr Price, 51, was knocked out cold. They were both pictured sprawled out on the floor.

Ms Price, 52, was also bruised and both were rushed to a nearby Southmead Hospital in Bristol after the relatives they were with realised the couple were not joking about their injuries.

The couple had been enjoying the sunshine in Somerset, when they were inspired to recreate the scene from the 1987 movie.

Just like Jennifer Grey leaping into the arms of Patrick Swayze, Ms Price ran at her partner, ready for him to lift her above his head. But instead the couple ended up flat out on the grass.

Ms Price was unable to breathe after winding herself, and Andy hit his head so hard he was knocked out. At first their family thought they were joking but soon had to dial 999.

H/T The Mail Online

Bride-to-be Sharon Price (right) and fiance Andy Price (left) wanted to recreate the famous lift from Dirty Dancing on their wedding day 

The couple decided to practise their moves in a Weston-Super-Mare pub beer garden 

The couple were both left unconscious after their attempt to recreate the famous film spectacularly flopped

This is the way it was supposed to go:

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