• June 12, 2024

County Fairs Likely to Become More Popular in California

 County Fairs Likely to Become More Popular in California

Gov Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown has signed a bill that will make county fairs more popular than they already are.  County fairs will be able to set aside separate areas where growers can set up booths with samples of their wares and can even make sales to anyone over 21 years of age.  This would be a boon to growers who would get a much higher price since they do not have to deal with a middle man.

 The deep-fried Oreo stand at your local county fair could soon be overrun by fairgoers who have the munchies.

That’s because cannabis may be allowed at California county fairs, thanks to an option in a bill signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown in June detailing how the legalization of marijuana will be carried out.


Bay Area cities, counties confront legal pot

The Sacramento Bee reports that there is clause in SB-94 that lets county fairs throughout the state allow for the sampling and sale of cannabis to people 21 years and older in designated areas.

The bill also allows local jurisdictions to rent campgrounds for events centered around cannabis even when fairs aren’t taking place.

And at least some of the organizers of county fairs in the state are talking about it. The board of the Stanislaus County Fair and its CEO, Matt Cranford, have discussed the issue, Adrenna Alkhas, spokeswoman of the board, told the Sacramento Bee.

“We must always look at our demographics, and keep in mind that this is a family-friendly fair,” she told the Bee. “Once this takes effect next year, we will give it thorough thought and see how supportive the public would be.”

If county fairs begin approving the sample and sale of cannabis at county fairs, then the tilt-a-whirl may never be the same.

H/T SF Gate

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