‘Cookie Monster’ Doll Cocaine Bust: ‘Me No like Drugs’ [video]

What possessed a 39-year-old man to try and use a Sesame Street character as a drug mule to hide his illicit white powder? According to the Florida Monroe County Sheriff’s Office a suspicious car driving past a deputy in the middle of the night caught his attention and what he found inside the car would land the vehicle’s drivers behind bars.

For Deputy Orey Swilley, the midnight shift was not anything out of the ordinary until he spotted a car with dark tinted windows and an obscured license plate driving past his parked police car. What drew his attention was the fact that the tinted windows were so dark that he could not even identify who was driving the car.

Unfortunately for Camus McNair, driver of the black Dodge passenger car, his luck would go from a mere traffic stop to something much, much worse when the officer finally arrived at the side of his car. It appears that according to the police report, McNair had been partaking in inhaling some marijuana because the inside of the car was filled with the odor.

The midnight traffic stop proceeded with a search of the car by Deputy Swilley who discovered a back pack that contained a Sesame Street ‘Cookie Monster’ doll inside. This doll, which could have belonged to a possible child, had something that apparently bothered the law enforcement officer.

He instinctively examined the doll closer and determined that the doll was heavier that a doll of that size should have been. The deputy then found a slit cut in the doll. Inside of the doll were two packages containing what turned out to be a total of 314 grams of cocaine, reported the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

The bad luck ‘Cookie Monster’ doll driver was handed two felony charges for cocaine trafficking and drug equipment possession, according to the Miami Herald. He was taken to the Marathon jail, where he was being held on $7,000 bond.

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