Comedian Drops EPIC Truth Bomb On Why Hillary Lost To President Trump [VIDEO]

On Monday night, 48-year-old comedian Bill Burr appeared on the late-night talk show “Conan” and he didn’t beat around the bush.

He said the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election is because she “blew it” plain and simple, and he is tired of people “making excuses for her [Clinton]” about why she lost to Donald Trump.

“I get sick of people making excuses for her, she blew it,” Burr said. “Look you lost to a guy who said three things a week that would torpedo anybody else’s campaign. How do you do that?”

“That’s like you’re playing a football game and the other team throws 20 interceptions and you still figure out how to blow it,” he added. “At what point do you take responsibility? They try to say…’oh it was… a bunch of racists white guys that came out of the forest, that were just going ‘Trump, Trump, Trump.’”

“It’s like where were all these racists white guys the last time there was an election when  they could have voted against a black guy,” he continued. “They were fine? ‘I don’t mind a black guy but this white lady, we got to stop her.’”

The host Conan O’Brian then joked with Burr and said, “so not a lot of sympathy there for Hillary Clinton?”

“No, you blew it,” Burr said. “You blew it. You put the wrong team around you. You didn’t generate enough excitement to beat this guy.”


E. Goldstein

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