Comedian CRAPS Himself Instantly After Eating Worlds Hottest Wings [VIDEO]

I have never understood the fascination some people seem to have with eating food so hot that consumption can result in having problems with your health. Call me a wuss but I have no desire to feel as though I’m passing a smoldering pine cone when it comes time for the fiery hot substance to pass from my body.

The comedian and actor Bobby Lee puts in one of the most outrageous—and outrageously funny—Hot Ones performances to date. As he battles the onslaught of Scovilles, he reminisces about his MadTV days, rates the most iconic short-shorts, and tries (perhaps unsuccessfully?) to not lose control of his mind and his bowels.

Long story short, Lee tried eating the world’s hottest buffalo wings, nearly shitting his pants in the process.

Seconds in, he says “I get diarrhea a lot,” and that’s when I committed to watching the entire video.

It was a great choice.

Check it out:

They should bring back MadTV just so we can watch more Bobby Lee. Dude is hilarious.

E. Goldstein

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