COME ON: Dems Introducing Constitutional Amendment To DESTROY ELECTORAL COLLEGE!

The United States of America is a very diverse place in terms of how many people live where.

For example, at the top of the world in Barrow, Alaska there sits a city of a few thousand people who are otherwise cut off from the rest of the country by normal means of travel most of the year.

Also, there is a small town in Minnesota that you have to drive through Canada for an hour to get to. All of those people have the right to vote just the same as someone in New York or California. The same as Boston or El Paso. Which is why the Electoral College is a great balancing tool in terms of elections.

Face it, more people live in New York City than just about any other city ion the whole country. The Founding Fathers understood the notion that you cannot let one state have the complete say which is why each state was given a certain amount of points for lack of a better term in deciding who won in that state.

Otherwise, you would have three or four states deciding every presidential election and that wouldn’t be fair to the people in the other states. It would be like saying to someone that lives in the smallest town in Iowa that his vote matters less than someone in Los Angeles.

However, liberals entrenched in the idea of skewing elections want to do away with this great balancing tool.

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Here’s a look at how many districts Trump won vs. Hillary Clinton. The districts Trump won are in red. The districts Clinton won are in blue. This map reveals the reason why Democrats are demanding a change in how presidential elections are won.

On the day after the 2016 presidential election, TIME magazine hilariously wrote:

The quirks of the Electoral College system were exposed this week when Donald Trump secured the presidency with an Electoral College majority, even as Hillary Clinton took a narrow lead in the popular vote.

Yesterday, only moments after the 116th Congress was sworn in, two Democrats, Rep. Brad Sherman(D-CA) and Rep. Al Green of Texas reintroduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

One of the first acts of business for the newly sworn in Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who calls herself a “Palestinian-American,” (even though Palestine is not recognized by the United States as a nation) explained to a cheering crowd at a event, how Democrats plan to deal with President Trump: “We’re gonna impeach that motherf**ker!”

Now, The Western Journal is reporting that a congressional Democrat has introduced a constitutional amendment to eliminate the Electoral College on the grounds that it failed to put Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee on Thursday, the first day in which Democrats controlled the House, used Clinton’s defeat at the hands of President Donald Trump as his reason why the Electoral College should be scrapped.


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