CNN’s reaction to the first night of the RNC is full of FACEPALM [WATCH]

Last night the RNC had a great lineup of speakers that were both compelling and uplifting. Their speeches weren’t just written to ‘bash Biden’, but were substantive about the stark differences between what Republicans are offering and just how radical the Democrats have become. But you wouldn’t know any of this by watching CNN’s response, because they were hyperfocused on the fact that Republicans had a bunch of ‘black folks’ on stage:

According to Newsbusters, this starts with Jake Tapper arguing that the diversity of speakers isn’t really representative of the Republican Party:

In terms of what the Republicans were accomplishing this evening, what they tried to accomplish, you are right, Wolf, I think they definitely were trying to appeal to the base. Obviously, they were showing a lot of diversity in the people that they had speak this evening.

It’s not representative of the Republican party as a whole, certainly not representative of the Republican Party or the Trump administration here in Washington D.C.

Next up you’ve got Nia-Malika Henderson claiming that these diverse speakers were trying to convince voters that Trump isn’t as racist as we all know he is…or something:

And that ran throughout this entire convention, this idea that the Democrats, who again are a very diverse party, now they have an African-American and an Indian woman in the number two slot. That is the fear that they are conjuring up.

Tim Scott there, I think he’s, on the one hand, trying to reach out to black voters, but I think he’s also there to give white voters who might be worried about voting for someone like Donald Trump, who has said all sorts of racist comments. It sort of, I think, Tim Scott and Nikki Haley are there to say, “Listen, maybe Donald Trump isn’t as racist as you think he is or as racist as he often sounds because here’s Tim Scott praising him, here’s Nikki Haley praising him, and there are a number of other African-Americans woven thought tonight.”




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