Cincinnati Issued a Proclamation To Honor Cop Killer

The administration of Cincinnati, Ohio are embarrassed after a proclamation was issued for  TrePierre Hummons who murdered Officer Kim on June 19, 2015.  Hummon’s father applied for the proclamation and evidently no one bothered to check him out to see who he was.  Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley immediately halted the honor and issued a statement that those who were responsible were new employees of the city and didn’t know who Hummons was.  Doesn’t Cincinnati have computers and Google?  The city is changing how they issue these proclamations in the future.  Either the mayor or his selected aide can approve of any proclamation.

 The proclamation declared there would be a day to honor TrePierre Hummons, and it was called “TreDay.”

TrePierre Hummons murdered Officer Kim on June 19, 2015. Hummons was then killed in the gunfight with the backup officer, Tom Sandmann.

At the time, Hummons was upset because his girlfriend filed rape charges against him. Knowing that the police would be coming to arrest him, he set out with the apparent goal to lure in and murder as many officers as possible.

“I believe his goal was to lure and kill as many police officers as he could,” Prosecutor Joe Deters said at the time. “It was an attempt at mass murder. He was going to kill as many cops as he could.”

In a Facebook post on the page of Cincinnati Fraternal Order of Police president’s page, it said that the proclamation was made by a “just hired” staffer and not directly signed by the mayor.

In a letter sent by Mayor Cranley to FOP president, Sergeant Hils, he said that Hummons’ father had sent in a recent request for the proclamation in honor of his son’s birthday. The request mentions child abuse and trying to fight mental illness, butt never TrePierre Hummons’ full name.

The father’s request made its way through two of the mayor’s staff members who didn’t work for the city when Officer Kim was murdered. They were not familiar with Hummons’ name.

Mayor Cranley went to the FOP Hall on Thursday night. In an emotional apology, he said “This was a huge mistake. It was not done intentionally, it was human error, but the buck stops with me. I got into public life to make the city better and to support law enforcement and to support the people that keep our streets safe.”

H/T Blue Lives Matter

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