Chilling Rebroadcast Howard Stern Radio Show During 9/11 Tragedy

In typical fashion Howard is discussing Sex and other distasteful things, then the show takes a turn. Howard then says ‘we’re under attack’… ‘I know who’s doing it’  .. As they are informed of the tragedy that occurred. Shortly after their discussion they get inundated with calls from people out on the street giving reposts and live accounts. Most of his change in broadcast starts at 8:56 minutes into the show.


[UPROXX]   The whole thing starts out at on 8:56 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001. Howard is discussing his chances of boning Pamela Anderson with Robin, Baba Booey Gary and Stuttering John. Then word begins to trickle in about what was had happened and what was happening. Callers start calling in with accounts from the ground. Everyone is shocked, confused and angry. It’s fascinating and surreal to watch and listen to, as the thoughts and feelings of everyone on the show probably reflects what we were all thinking and feeling at the time. Listening/watching is also a bit maddening and frustrating, as we all obviously now know how things played out in the aftermath. And to think that last night, President Obama had to take to the airwaves to address the new terrorist threat facing America, ISIS, a brutal outfit many believe would not exist had America not invaded Iraq in response to 9/11.



E. Goldstein

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