• July 23, 2024

Chicago Police Raided This Family’s House, There Was One MASSIVE Problem

 Chicago Police Raided This Family’s House, There Was One MASSIVE Problem


A family is demanding an apology after Chicago police incorrectly raided their home Thursday.

The Franklin family woke up early that morning to find Chicago police pounding on their door, reports Fox 32. Police told Ashanti Franklin to open the door because they were looking for someone named Gregory King.

“He says to me you need to open the door and if you don’t open the door within two seconds we’re gonna kick the fuckin’ door in. So I said you have to do what you have to do because I’m telling you there’s no Gregory Hines here,” Franklin maintained.

The police did not believe Franklin, so they took a battering ram and busted open the family’s door. Franklin said she asked to see a search warrant from the officers, but they never showed her one.

After 15 minutes, the police realized they were at the wrong apartment. They left and managed to find their suspect in an apartment below the Franklins.

The family said they were still shaken by the incident.

“We are violated. We don’t know if we should feel safe anymore, we have our kids here, emotional distress, anxiety, all type of things,” Franklin said.

The Chicago Police Department admitted to their gaffe in an email, saying they were taking steps to fix the family’s apartment door.

“The Chicago Police Department is actively working with the affected family, as well as the City of Chicago, to repair a door that was damaged during the incident,” Chicago Police News Affairs explained.

The department’s spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, explained the search warrant had the wrong address for the suspect, leading the police to raid the wrong apartment.

Ashanti  Franklin remains upset about the incident, saying that the department’s explanations are not enough.

“Should I be putting my life in your hands, or should I be afraid of you when I see you? I mean, you came to us and you didn’t have any paperwork, but you want me to allow you into my home. I’m scared,” she said.


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